Crystal Springs Celebrities

The Crystal Springs Celebrities Series
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The Hollywood drama is coming to Crystal Springs.

Meet Jack Bennett – aka General Justice, the hottest movie star in the world. When he bumps into Rosie Tanner at the Crystal Springs Comic Con, he falls head over heels, but will his celebrity lifestyle overshadow Rosie’s lifelong dreams?

The Crystal Springs Celebrities Series
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He’s not just her celebrity crush – he’s her brother’s best friend.

Meet Colton James – best friend and celebrity sidekick to Jack Bennett. When Colt stays in Crystal Springs for a wedding, he’s partnered with an unlikely roommate: gorgeous (and totally off-limits) Jill Bennett. Colt just has to remember one thing during his stay: he can’t kiss his best friend’s little sister…again.

The Crystal Springs Celebrities Series
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The celebrity’s bodyguard is supposed to protect her…not fall for her.

Meet Hollywood sweetheart Scarlett Ryder. She’s back in Crystal Springs to film her latest movie, and determined to enjoy every second. The only problem? Her uptight bodyguard, Luke Abbott, won’t let her out of his sight for even a second, thanks to threat of a stalker. Their mutual attraction, however, might prove to be a bit of a distraction…