The Sidekick Celebrity

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The Sidekick Celebrity, Book 2 of
Crystal Springs Celebrities

He’s not just her celebrity crush – he’s also her brother’s best friend.

When Jill Bennett visits small town Crystal Springs for her big brother’s wedding, she’s just excited for a mini-vacation. When she decides to extend it, she’s shocked to find herself sharing space with Southern heartthrob Colton James, her brother’s best friend – who also happens to be her ultimate celebrity crush. Jill is sure she can maintain her distance … but he’s not exactly making things easy with his hot and cold behavior.

Colton James is ready for the next step in his Hollywood movie career – and that does not include a relationship. When he finds himself roommates with Jill, however, he can’t help but be drawn to her, and soon finds himself wanting to throw all the rules out the window. But Colt can’t forget the biggest one of all: you don’t date your best friend’s sister.

This is a sweet romance. All books in the Crystal Springs Celebrities series are stand-alone novels and can be read in any order.

Read The Sidekick Celebrity now – Free for Kindle Unlimited!

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Welcome to Crystal Springs.

Jen Roth’s career keeps her on the move, never remaining in one city for long. Crystal Springs, however, has a special place in her memory, and she finds herself happy to be there for the job – especially when her old high school crush, Will Grant, comes into the picture. Despite knowing her stay is temporary, she and Will grow closer, and suddenly Jen craves a place to call home. When opportunity knocks, Jen is torn, unsure if she’s willing to change her entire life and risk her heart in the process.

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